Ecology, Industrial safety, Logistics
A sealed all-weather marine drone capable of taking off and landing on water, as well as flying in difficult climatic conditions, for example, during rain and sandy wind.
Drone Features
IP67 protection
Rescue device for two people
Hybrid and electrical versions
Work with a wave over 1.5 meters
Availability 24/7
Explosion safety
Integrations with industrial Systems using AI
The drone's flight speed is 60 km/h
Flight time of the electric version
with payload in 1 kg - 33 minutes,
hybrid up to 3 hours
Maximum takeoff weight - 20 kg
Weight useful loads - up to 5 kg
Allowable wind speed 15 m/s
Airborne size 1,72 x 1,72 x 0,43m
Patented sealed screw-motor group.

Allows you to work both in the Arctic and in the desert at
temperatures from -25 to +55 °C. Stable flight in rain, snow, with a sandy wind. Protection against frostbite.
One of the types of payload of its own design is a megaphone for alerting people and scaring off wild animals. Audibility at a distance of up to 5 km.

up to 5kg